Last update: 10/15/2007


  Name Network
  Oleksiy Korzh Kharkov Association of General Practice/Family Doctors
  Helen Smith Wessex Research Network (WReN)
  Roy Marsh Snet (Suffolk and Norfolk Primary Care Research Network
  Amy Scammell Battersea Research Group
  Bruce Dahlman (none in database)
  Frank Dobbs European GP Research Network
  Paul Grob (none in database)
  Sally Kendall (none in database)
  Greg Rubin (none in database)
  Paul Thomas (none in database)
  Pali Hungin Northern Primary Care Research Network, UK (NoReN)
  Richard Hobbs Midlands Research Practices Consortium (MidReC)
  Val Featherstone Wolds Primary Care Research Network
  Elizabeth Richards West London Research Network (WelRen)
  Ros Salter MIDREC
  Knut Schroeder (none in database) 
  Sue Wilson (none in database) 
  Jim Kennedy (none in database) 
  Sir Denis Periera Gray (none in database)
  Professor of Primary Care University of Glamorgan Wales, UK
  John Hickner National Network (AAFP)
  Sue Dovey LINNAEUS Collaboration
  John W. Beasley (none in database)
  Vince Hunt (none in database)
  Mark Rivo (none in database)
  R. Prasaad Steiner (none in database)
  Mort Wasserman Pediatric Research In Office Settings (PROS)
  Kevin Petersen Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians Research Network
  Sandra Burge RRNeST
  Dan Vinson Show-Me Research Network (MO)
  Richard I. Haddy Kentucky Ambulatory Network
  Wilson D. Pace Colorado Research Network (CoReNet)
  Shakoora Omonuwa (none in database)
  Steve Ornstein Practice Partner Research Network
  Margaret Grey APRNet
(Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Research Network)
  James W. Mold Oklahoma Physicians Resource/Research Network (OKPRN)
  Martin Kabongo SURF*Net
  Jonathan L. Temte Wisconsin Research Network
  Joseph B. Stanford International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine
  Michael Hartsell AAFP NATNET
  Stephen F. Rothemich Virginia Ambulatory Care Outcome Research Network (ACORN)
  William Cayley (none in data base) 
  Griselle Figueredo (none in data base) 
  Cynthia Haq (none in data base) 
  Paul Heinzelmann (none in data base) 
  Margaret Love (none in data base) 
  Peter F. Martelli (none in data base) 
  Linda Neiman (none in data base) 
  Sonia Walker (none in data base) 
  Jae Ho Lee (none in data base)
  Gari McCord Northeastern Ohio Network (NEON)
  Waldie Najm (none in data base)